Frequently asked questions

-- Helios projecting cockpit dashboard on the wrong monitor

You have to reset monitors in your Helios profile. Use the Helios Profile Editor and do a "reset monitors", make the monitor numbers match the Windows monitor numbers.

-- Helios dashboard dont fit completly my monitor

There are a lot of monitor aspect ratios and resolutions. You must use the profile that best fit with your resolution. If the aspect ratio of your monitor is not the same as the profile, you can see an empty space on the right, or on the bottom.

-- After reset monitors, my profile version miss some labels, letters or numbers

When Helios scale the profile to fit with your monitor configuration, he scale the font sizes of all the existing labels on the profile (letters and numbers). Sometimes, the scale of the font dont fit well with the scale of the label-box itself, and that cause the text disapear. to fix it, just click on the label-box and make it a bit bigger, till the text appears again. Then save again your profile.

-- Configurations with 3 or more monitors: After reset monitors, my profile dont work at all, any gauge or switches moves when they do on the cockpit

- Sometimes, converting to systems with 3 or more monitors, Helios move the graphics to the correct monitor, but not the bindings. They stay in monitor 2, even if you move everything to monitor 3, or other. To solve this problem, look the number where you put it the profile inside and open the profile in notepad++ and using the tool replace, replace all the "monitor 2" by your correct number. For example "monitor 3"

- In other cases, and after make the reset monitors, Helios remove completly the bindings code section from the profile! In that case, you need to edit the profile using notepad++ and paste all the bindigs section again copying from my original profile. Then you probably need to change the monitor numbers, like in the previous case.

-- I can see red squares with a big black X inside, on my profile

Helios can't find the images in the correct place. Revise and be sure you put all the images of the profile in the correct folder, usually in my documents/Helios/images

-- No gauges working at all.

probably you got a problem in the export.lua of DCS
check if you are using the correct export.lua for your profile, and check if you put it in the correct place, usually in "my saved games/DCS/scripts"

-- Only a few buttons works, no gauges working at all, and i can't open the additional panels when i click on the buttons for it

This is a know problem on the latest versions of Helios, we miss some Microsoft libraries
You need to install those libraries ( 64 version): https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
Also you can follow the instructions on this video by A10SimPilot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWI7_gOS190

-- In Windows 10, DCS dont receive the switches actions from Helios, but Helios receive the cockpit switches actions from DCS

If everything is installed in the correct place, and the problem persist, try runnig Helios in Administrator mode.
If you are using windows10, the UAC can block the outputs from Helios to DCS.
To be sure, everything is correctly installed, open helios in administrator mode, then open notepad with an empty document, and mantain focus on it. When you click on the buttons or switches, you can see some letters appears on the notepad document.
Thats mean Helios is sending the keyboard command correctly.
If DCS dont get the keyboards from Helios, probably is because the UAC, try to low a level of security and try again.

-- Helios is working good, but i can't see the MFCs or the Abris, Skhival, etc

To see the different viewports from the game you need to be sure you are using the correct monitor configuration files, and the airplane related .luas.
Each installation package, have all the files you need to prepare the game to export the viewports to the other monitor. So read the instruction and install using JSGM the corrects ones.



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