KA50 v1 KA50 Night SU25T F-15C P-51D MI-8 SU-27 SU-33 UH-1H SA342 MIG-21bis L39ZA F/A-18C beta F-14 KA50 v2 A10C


A10C Warthog V1.0 !


For several years the CapLoz profile was a standard on the dcs simmers but several changes on the ED A10C code make some of his systems stop working, like the radios, tacan, IFF, etc.
I made some changes on my exports, long time ago, trying to fix the issues, but i think is time to make a revisit to the A10C, and create a new updated and full working profile, he deserves it!

Several weeks ago, i started the projec.
The first thing i did was revise the Helios interface of the A10C, over those years some of the code become obsolete or changed, so several system on it stop working long time ago.
Doing that i decided to add other missing systems to the interface, with the idea to create a complete new profile, adding all the panels on the cockpit.
Meanwhile i started working on the art of the profile, creating the panels, lamps, switches, etc.
Taking the CapLoz profile as a reference, i start working on the profile, adding the new panels, new controls, revising everything and at last finishing it last week.

So... here you got! a brand new A10C Helios profile!


This new profile uses the latest version of Helios, with all the convenient changes on the interface, so we dont need the fixes for the radios and the TACAN i made long time ago. So i removed those fixes from my export files.

I am going to leave old versions (as always) of the export files in teh download section, with those fixes included, just in case you still want to use the CaptLoz profile with the changes for radios and TACAN.

Probably with the new changes on the Helios interface, some of the broken systems on the Caploz profile, become active again!, but I can't assure that all systems work now, and some of then probably need to change some values on the switches.
Anyway, later in the addendum of this document, i am going to make a relation of all the changes i did on the interface, just in case you need it for your home cockpit.


Important notice !!
This new profile uses the new A10C Interface in Helios, so you need to have the Helios version 1.4.2019.1005 or above
You can donwload from here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302014/
And yes, for the first time in Helios, you can use the mouse weel to rotate rotarys and pots, thanks to BeamRider!

Main panel Pilot

Pilot Left A and Right A panels

Pilot Left B and Right B panels

Pilot Left C panel

CDU and UFC panels

New Kneeboard Nav panel

Brakers panel


Important notice !!
Included in the Scripts folder, you can find the export.lua, and a Helios folder with the export files needed to run with this profile
In this version i included a new file organization for the export. Thanks a lot to Crivi, who reorganized all the files and functions by planes.
Now, new airplanes can have their own files and do not interfere with the Helios main export functions.
You need to install those files in your scripts folder.


I made two different profiles, v1.0 for 16:10 monitors and v1.0b for 16:9 monitors. Use the one better fit width you monitor resolution.

A10C_V1.0.hpf .....................16:10 monitor resolutions
A10C_V1.0_b.hpf .....................16:9 monitor resolutions


I made the entire graphic art, based on screenshots of the simulator, using the Ricardo's mod to improve the cockpit visuals, and the textures folder of the game.
I used the airport charts from http://www.virtual-jabog32.de
I used the Persian Gulf Kneeboard pages by Pellelil - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303320/
I used the Nevada/Arizona Airports diagrams V2.3 - http://www.476vfightergroup.com
I used the DCS Normandy Aerodrome Charts V1.0 by Capt Zeen - http://www.captzeen.com
For the export.lua i used the Loophole version, compatible width KA50, A10c and FC3 as a base for all my implementations.
In the export.lua i include a couple of functions by [FSF]Ian to export the digits of the UV26 for the MI-8
Thanks to Crivi, who reorganized all the export files by airplanes and functions.
I want to give thanks to Bluefinbima, for let me include the new helios controls and features, and the new A10C interface.
Thanks to Rashmaninov, for implementing the new helios Trans-rotate control.¬°Gracias amigo!
Thanks to Cylution, yzfanimal, Damien022, Derammo, Piet Van Nes and BeamRider for the good work done implementing new Helios features.
And of course to Gadroc for creating Helios, this great software.


Main Front Panel:
- All the instruments, switches and lamps
- Empty spaces to visualize the viewport exports for left and right MFCD, Countermeasures display, UHF repiter, Digital Clock, and RWR.

Auxiliar top panel:
- Accelerometer instrument
- AOA indicators
- refueling indicators

Left A, B and C panels:
- The Left panel is divided in three subpanels
- All the instruments, switches, levers and lamps
- Empty spaces to visualize the viewport exports for UHF radio and channel

Right A and B panels:
- The Left panel is divided in two subpanels
- All the instruments, switches, levers and lamps
- Empty spaces to visualize the viewport exports for countermeasures, and the new CDU viewport export.

CDU panel:
- A big version of the panel, with all the switches included to use the CDU as a part of the Right MFCD

UFC panel:
- All the switches included

TISL panel:
- All the instruments, switches,levers and lamps

Brakers panel:
- All the switches

Navigation panel:
Aerodromes and visual operation chart v 4.0.3 - http://www.virtual-jabog32.de
Persian Gulf Kneeboard pages by Pellelil - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303320/
Nevada/Arizona Airports diagrams V2.3 - http://www.476vfightergroup.com
DCS Normandy Aerodrome Charts V1.0 by Capt Zeen - http://www.captzeen.com
Custom panel - for user custom images, replace the ones in : Documents\Helios\Images\Capt_Zeen\Kneeboards\custom using the same name of the images

- About panel:
- Info about the profile and version.


-Install Helios if you don't have it yet. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302014/
-Copy the profile on the profiles folder, usualy in user/my documents/helios/profiles
-Copy the folder Capt_Zeen on the images folder, usualy in user/my documents/helios/images
-Run the HeliosProfileEditor, load the profile A10C_V1.0 or A10C_V1.0b, and perform a Reset Monitors from the menu Profile.
-Save the profile using your custom name

As example, here you got a video tutorial where you can see how i do this process on the F18 profile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n1cL1Szgmg


-Open the Helios Control Center, select the profile and start it.


Included in the package, there is a folder called "DCS Monitor Configuration" width a complete folders structure you can drop on DCS World instalation folder. This structure prepare the diferents lua scripts to export the views to the second monitor to represent the Pilot cockpit.

Unless you got my same configuration (two 1920x1080 monitors), you will need to change the coordinates x and y of every viewport and the width and height sizes of them in the DCS Monitor Configuration\Config\MonitorSetup files.
Change it before copy to the game folder, and save a copy of this structure, cause DCS world rewrite this files every update!

To calculate the correct position of each viewport, run Helios and start the profile. Take a screenshot and paste the image in any art program. Paint from Windows works well.
Put the cursor over the left-up corners of every empty spaces and write down the coordinates. Drag a box from that point to the right_down corner, and take the width and height of the rectangle.
Modify the 2_monitors-A10C.lua width your correct numbers. and you can now copy the complete "DCS Monitor Configuration" folder to the DCS game folder, or use a Mods control program like OVGME to do it.

As example, here you got a video tutorial where you can see how i do this process on the F18 profile:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjlfZ1P-VQk

An as a template yu can use this image with the names of all the viewports and his position in a 190x1080 monitor:

Viewports template

ADDENDUM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Just in case you need to know what changes i made on the Helios A10C interface files in Helios 1.4.2019.1005
Interface A10C new changes and additions:
- New devices added for:


- New functions for:

60 ELECT/PNEU ThreeWaySwitch
50 Pure Max Airspeed
68 Toggle Clock and Elapsed Time Modes
69 Start, Stop and Reset Elapsed Timer
773 Flap Setting
787 Extend boarding ladder cover
788 Extend boarding ladder button
785 Canopy jettison lever
786 Canopy Jettison Lever Unlock Button
789 DVADR Function control toggle switch
790 DVADR Video selector toggle switch
791 DVADR EOT Lamp
709 Arm Ground Safety Override Cover
710 Arm Ground Safety Override Switch
706 IFF antenna switch
707 UHF antenna switch
72 Left eng temp Off Flag
75 Right eng temp Off Flag
904 Accelerometer Push to set
15 Accelerometer Current gs
902 Accelerometer Min
903 Accelerometer Max
16 RWR Adjust Display Brightness
629 TISL-AUX indicator
631 OVER TEMP indicator
633 DET-ACD indicator
635 TRACK indicator
464 CDU V1
465 CDU V2
770 Seat Height Adjustment
777 Internal canopy actuator disengage lever
666 to 703 all Circuit Breaker Panel buttons
286 Environmental Control Temp Level Control
776 Environmental Control Anti-G suit valve test button
285 Environmental Control Air Conditioner MAN/AUTO
128 Throttle Friction Control
8 Position of the Left Engine Throttle
9 Position of the Right Engine Throttle
652 TEMS DATA button
795 IFF Reply Button
796 IFF Test Button

- This functions now return two values, the actual one and the pure dcs value:

L Fan speed of engine,
R Fan speed of engine,
L Interstage Turbine Temperature,
R Interstage Turbine Temperature,
Current indicated air speed of the aircraft,
Current vertical velocity of the aircraft

- Fixed:

"101", "IFFCC", "Ext Stores Jettison", fixed output buttom number.
All TACAN values changed from device TACAN to the new device TACAN_CTRL_PANEL.
All TISL values changed from device IFFCC to the new device TISL.
Corrected the output buttons number of all IFF functions for the correct ones.
Added one missing position to Intercom, Transmitter Select Dial.

- Changes on the interface functions to fix radio and TACAN problems:


- Changes on the gauges A-10/TACANChannel


END OF ADDNDUM --------------------------------------------------------------------------






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