KA50 v1 KA50 Night SU25T F-15C P-51D MI-8 SU-27 SU-33 UH-1H SA342 MIG-21bis L39ZA F/A-18C beta F-14 KA50 v2 A10C


L39ZA forward cockpit v1.0 and v1.0b - English and Russian cockpit !



Here we come, with another Helios profile! This time for the L-39ZA.
I made the profile using the A10C interface in Helios. With that, we dont need to prepare different versions for differents countries, we dont need the default.lua to define all the keyboard commads, because i redirect directly to DCS from helios, so we dont need to worry abous future changes. And of course, for the final user, (you), is a more easy installation ! So here you got a fully input/output L-39ZA profile. Hope you like it !

For this profile i exported all the instruments, lamps, selectors, switches and levers in the Forward cockpit. Soon the future i'll preprare a Rear cockpit one too.
Of course i added the navigation panel from others profiles, so you can check airport charts, tactical maps, ndbs, etc
The profile can be changed from English Cockpit to Russian cockpit, replacing the graphics from the ones in the required folder. By default, the profile is in english.

- Profile files:

L39ZA_v1.0.hpf .....................16:10 monitor resolutions
L39ZA_v1.0b.hpf .....................16:9 monitor resolutions

- Graphics files:

The profile can be changed from English Cockpit to Russian cockpit, replacing the graphics from the ones in the required folder. By default, the profile is in english.
The folder names inside images/L39 are, "english cockpit" and "russian cockpit". Just copy all the files inside the folder you want and paste to images/L39

- Export.lua:

Important notice !!
Included in the Scripts folder, you can find the export.lua, ready to export data A10C, KA50, FC3, F-15C, P-51D, UH-1H, A10C radio fix, MI-8 v1.5, SA342, Mig21bis and L39ZA profile.
This file is a modified version of the Loophole Updated version from 09/11/2014, ( http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=97222 )

- Monitor aspect resolutions:

I made two different profiles, v1.0 for 16:10 monitors and v1.0b for 16:9 monitors. Use the one better fit width you monitor resolution.

- Thanks:

I made the entire graphic art, based on screenshots of the simulator, and the textures folder of the game.
I used the airport charts from http://www.virtual-jabog32.de and the tactical chart TC-1 created by =MAF=Mongoose and the NDBs list created by Lino_Germany.
For the export.lua i used the Loophole version, compatible width KA50, A10c and FC3 as a base for all my implementations.
In the export.lua i include a couple of functions by [FSF]Ian to export the digits of the UV26 for the MI-8
I want to thanks aswell to all the people who help me, in the DCS forum, every time i reached a deadlock, somewhere!
And of course to Gadroc for creating Helios, this great software.


- Pilot forward Dashboard:
- All the instruments, switches and lamps

- Left and Left-back panel:
- All the instruments, switches and lamps

- Right and Right-back panel:
- All the instruments, switches and lamps

- Bottom panel:
- All the instruments, switches and lamps

- Brakers panel:
- All the switches

- Navigation panel:
-Airports visual operation charts v4.04
-Airports diagramss v4.04
-TC-1 Tactical Chart
-Caucasus general area map, with airports and table width airport freqs, locations, ids, etc.
-Airport Circuit Example
-List of the NDBs

- About panel:
- Info about the profile and version.


--Install Helios if you don't have it yet. (http://www.gadrocsworkshop.com/helios/latest)
-Copy the profile you need, for your resolution , on the profiles folder, usualy in user/my documents/helios/profiles
-Copy the folder Capt_Zeen on the images folder, usualy in user/my documents/helios/images
-Run the HeliosProfileEditor, load the profile L39ZA you want to use, and perform a Reset Monitors from the menu Profile.
-Save the profile
-Dont forget to use the correct export.lua i included in the package,
Copy it in C:\Users\yourusername\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts, but first make a backup copy of your actual export.lua.
-IF you use Tackview, Tarst or another external scripts, copy the corresponding lines from your old export.lua to the new one.


-Open the Helios Control Center, select the profile and start it.


This profile do not need any special actions for the second monitor.


-Everyting looks correct right now, so no Known issues at the moment


If you use Helios and TARS or TACKVIEW you can have miss workings due to the way Helios works width the export.lua.
To prevent this, just move the lines for Tars or tackview to the very end of the export.lua in C:\Users\yourusername\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts.







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