KA50 v1 KA50 Night SU25T F-15C P-51D MI-8 SU-27 SU-33 UH-1H SA342 MIG-21bis L39ZA F/A-18C beta F-14 KA50 v2 A10C


MI-8MTV2 v2.0 !


Helios 1.4 or later required              


After looking for several solutions to create a complete input/output MI-8 Helios profile, i decided to create a new interface for Helios, that permits me make profiles more easely.
Once started with the new general purpose interface i discover other people working on a new version of Helios! So, the unity make the force, and i decided to colaborate with that project, and include my new interface on that new Helios version. This is the first profile created with this new Helios 1.4 interface. A complete new MI-8 Helios profile!

Whats new on this version:

- New Helios general purpose interface:

Using the new general purpose interface in Helios 1.4 i was able to create a full profile, with inputs and outputs directly to DCS, so we do not need the default keyboard luas anymore, and of course, no more files for diferent countries and keyboards.

- New inputs values for each instrument

Now the inclusion of direct inputs make the profile more eficient and fast, so all the instruments move smoother that previos versions.

- Copilot instruments:

The copilot console, now, uses the apropiated values for his instruments, and are not just mirrors of the pilot console.
I added aswell the copilot radio panel, just waiting for some day whe multicrew become operative for the MI-8

- New MI-8 instruments:

I created a brand new ADI and altimeter for the MI-8, so we dont need to use the KA50 ones on this profile.

- New Cover switches:

I created aswell, a new Cover switch for Helios, that permits create the cover switches of the cockpit with a more cleaver solution and fast response to open/close actions.

- Improved art:

I revised all the art of the profile, adding better details and improving the visuals.

- placement for the Garmin:

I prepared the profile to be Garmin "compatible" if you want to implement it on the second screen.


This profile uses the new Helios 1.4 version, so you need to install this version to run the profile.
You can download the Helios 1.4 from here:

Pilot panel

Engineer panel

Copilot panel with Garmin enable

Engine panel

Weapons panel

ARC panel

Weapons and anti-icing panel


MI-8_v2.hpf .........................16:10 monitor resolutions
MI-8_v2b.hpf ........................16:9 monitor resolutions


Included in the Scripts folder, you can find the export.lua, and a folder with the Helios export files. With them you can export data for the A10C, KA50, FC3, F-15C, P-51D, UH-1H, A10C radio fix, SA342, Mig21bis, L39ZA, F/A-18C and this MI-8 v2.0 profile.
This file is a modified version of the Loophole Updated version from 09/11/2014, ( http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=97222 )

- Monitor aspect resolutions:

I made two different profiles, v1.0 for 16:10 monitors and v1.0b for 16:9 monitors. Use the one better fit width you monitor resolution.

- Thanks:

I made the entire graphic art, based on screenshots of the simulator, and the textures folder of the game.
I used the airport charts from http://www.virtual-jabog32.de and the tactical chart TC-1 created by =MAF=Mongoose and the NDBs list created by Lino_Germany.
For the export.lua i used the Loophole version, compatible width KA50, A10c and FC3 as a base for all my implementations.
In the export.lua i include a couple of functions by [FSF]Ian to export the digits of the UV26 for the MI-8
I want to thanks aswell to all the people who help me, in the DCS forum, every time i reached a deadlock, somewhere!
And of course to Gadroc for creating Helios, this great software.
I want to give thanks to Bluefinbima, for let me include my new general purpose interface on the new Helios 1.4 project.
And of course Cylution, yzfanimal and Damien022 for the good work done.


- Pilot Dashboard:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps

- Copilot Dashboard:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps.

- Prepared to implement the Garmin panel

- Ingeneer Dashboard:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps. - Added lamps to check if radios are ON - Added R828 channel and freq used - Collective width implementation for cargo drops switches and guards, Gas max/min lever and rpm less/more switch - Rotor brake

- Left UP console:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps. (including all dcs 1.5 implementations)

- Rockets / anti ice console:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps.

- Weapons panel:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps. - Complete breakers panel switches

- Engines panel:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps. - Added engines cutoff valves - Added main arm weapons switch with his red lamp

- Breakers panel:

- Complete breakers panel switches. (including all dcs 1.5 implementations)

- ARC and KO50 panel:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps. (including all dcs 1.5 implementations)

- Right UP panel:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps. (including all dcs 1.5 implementations)

- AUX panel:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps for the R828, UV26 and Jadro Radio

- radio panels:

- SPU floating panels for pilot and copilot, width all the switches

- Bomb and ESBR Panel:

- All the instruments, switches and lamps.

- Freq panel:

- Open a panel width a list of the airport fequencies

- Navigation panel:

-Airports visual operation charts v4.04
-Airports diagramss v4.04
-TC-1 Tactical Chart
-Caucasus general area map, with airports and table width freq, locations, ids, etc.
-Airport Circuit Example
-List of the NDBs

- Exterior background panel:

- Panel to change the exterior background you can see beyond the dashboards. You can select between: airport Day, airport Night, flyind Summer and flying Winter

- About panel:

- Info about the profile and version.


-Install the new Helios 1.4 or later if you don't have it yet. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302014/
-Copy the profile you need, for your resolution, on the profiles folder, usualy in user/my documents/helios/profiles
-Copy the content of the folder Images on the helios images folder, usualy in user/my documents/helios/images
-Run the Helios Profile Editor, load the profile MI-8 you want to use, and perform a Reset Monitors from the menu Profile.
-Save the profile
-Copy the content of the folder "scripts" in C:\Users\yourusername\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts, but first make a backup copy of your actual export.lua, just in case!
-If you use Tackview, Simpleradio or another external scripts, copy the corresponding lines from your old export.lua to the new one.


-Open the Helios Control Center, select the profile and start it.

You dont need to use any special configuration to use this profile, because dont use any viewport from the game.
Unless you want to use the Garmin in the 2nd monitor. in that case, you need to expand the viewport to the second monitor, and move the 2d garmin there.

Only if you want to use the garmin on the second monitor:

Included in the package, there is a folder called "DCS Monitor Configuration" Modify the 2_monitors-MI8.lua width your correct numbers, and you can now copy folder "Config" over the main DCS innstallation.


If you use Helios and TARS or TACKVIEW you can have miss workings due to the way Helios works width the export.lua.
To prevent this, just move the lines for Tars or tackview to the very end of the export.lua in C:\Users\yourusername\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts.







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